Would Like Noun/To Verb

Would Like Noun/To Verb| We use Would Like Noun/Would Like To make positive sentences. Like, permission, politeness, and requests.

Would like something/would like to do something is a polite way to ask or offer something. We can say positively for offering something or inviting someone.

Note: Using would like/would like to in the negative is not always easy. This expresses an opinion about a person that might not be true.

Level: beginner

How Do I Use It?

We use Would Like/Would Like To make positive sentences. We want to use it to be a physical, mental, or verbal action. To use it in a sentence, follow the structure: subject + “would noun/would like to” + base form of the verb. Examples of polite request forms using ‘would like to’ include:

  1. Offer something
  2. Invite somebody
  • Would Like ( Noun)
  • Would Like To (Verb)


Subject+Would Like+To 1st Form/Noun+Object

Read: https://basictips.uk/would-model-verb/

1. Would Like (Noun)

Here are some examples.


  1. Would you like some tea?
  2. Would he like a cold drink?
  3. Would she like ice cream?
  4. Would they like a biscuit with your coffee?
  5. Would you like some more coffee?
  6. He would like some information.
  7. You would like it in German.
  8. He would like me to stay in my house.
  9. I would like something for a special office manager.
  10. He would like a glass of water.

2. Would Like To (Verb)

Here are some examples.


  1. Would you like to eat a banana?
  2. Would she like to join us for dinner tonight?
  3. Would you like to borrow this book?
  4. Would he like to buy some flowers?
  5. Would she like to make a cake?
  6. I would like to answer that question.
  7. She would like to thank you.
  8. You would like to buy a school bag.
  9. I would like to get a return ticket for tomorrow.
  10. You would like to come to my house for dinner.

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