Would Model Verb

The “Would” is a model verb to do things in the future. We use would as the past of will, to describe past beliefs about the future.

The word “would” has a few meanings and cases of use in English. “would” can indicate repetition in the past. It has quite a lot of different uses to express a habitual action or a future possibility.

Would is a model verb. In this lesson, we will learn the form of would:

  • Past habits
  • Past refusals
  • Future relative to the past
  • Indirect speech
  • Polite offers and request
  • Conditionals
  • Past unreal situations

How To Use Would?

  1. Repeated actions In the past
  2. Polite Request in
    Present & future
  3. In imaginary
  4. Reported verb

We use Would:

  1. Offer or invitation
  2. Show preference
  3. Show desire
  1. To show willingness
  2. Past habits
  3. Past of Will
  4. Would have

Level: beginner


Subject+Would+Verb 1st Form+Object


  1. He would not help me.
  2. My Father would not lend me a bike for me.
  3. She would not let him use her mobile.


  1. Would you help him with university fees?
  2. Would they solve my financial issues?
  3. Would we give free services?


  1. Would you like to help me with speaking English?
  2. Would you like to have a cold drink?
  3. Would you like to buy me a laptop bag?


  1. If I had a car, I would drive around our city.
  2. If you had asked me, I would have helped you.
  3. If he won the lottery, he would travel the world.

Future In The Past

  1. He said that he would help them move to next month.
  2. I was at school I would take a position first in my class.
  3. She said she would see her sister tomorrow.

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