Could Model Verb

Could is a modal verb to express in the past. It is a situation that doesn’t exist right now. it is a situation one can imagine existing.

Level: beginner


Subject+Could+Verb 1st Form+Object

How To Use Could Model Verb?

We Could use it to express possibility or past ability as well as to make suggestions and requests.

We use Could:


  1. I could play piano.
  2. He could speak English very well.
  3. You could play guitar.


  1. I could help you with English Language.
  2. You could go by home to the office.
  3. We could take a taxi to the airport.


  1. Could you buy me this school bag?
  2. Could the Teacher teach us more teaching?
  3. Could you please buy me more books?


  1. Could we go to the market on Saturday this evening?
  2. Could you come to Friday’s party?
  3. Could I take Sunday off?


  1. You could call him first.
  2. I could come on time to the office.
  3. We could have lunch at that time.

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