Model Verbs

We use Modal Verbs to show if we believe something is certain, possible, or impossible. It can help express a speaker’s attitude or opinion.

Level: beginner

What Are The Model Verbs?

A model verb in English is a special verb to express the possibility of something happening. They express various shades of possibility, ability, necessity, permission, and obligation.

Here are some common examples of model verbs:

Can, Could, May, Might, Must, Shall, Should, Will and Would.


  1. You can speak English very well.
  2. He can swim in the pool.
  3. I can learn the English Language.


  1. He could ride a bike.
  2. You could sing a song.
  3. She could play dance.


  1. You may help me.
  2. He may come to the party.
  3. May I come in?


  1. You might help me.
  2. Might I smoke here?
  3. I might meet you.


  1. I must try again.
  2. She must make a cake.
  3. You must complete the work by Sunday.


  1. I shall stay with you.
  2. We shall come to the class.
  3. I shall be with you.


  1. We should listen to audio.
  2. I should speak in English.
  3. You should do your homework.


  1. Adil will pick up your school bag.
  2. You will come to a friend’s birthday party.
  3. I will call you tonight.


  1. I would like to help you with English.
  2. You would like to play tennis with us.
  3. Would you please let us go?

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