Might Model Verb

Might is a model verb to express and use with the 1st form of a verb. We can talk about how something will possibly happen or be true in the future, but you cannot be certain.

Level: beginner


Subject+Might+Verb 1st Form+Object

We use Might:


  1. You might try to swim in the pool.
  2. She might make this cake.
  3. He might build his confidence.


  1. It might rain at night.
  2. He might like playing cricket.
  3. You might meet us next to the finished class.


  1. If I try again, I might speak English fluently.
  2. If he entered the consist, he might win.
  3. If you work hard, you might finish.


  1. Might I ask your name?
  2. Might you help with his school fees?
  3. Might I send your documents by email?


  1. Might I borrow your pencil?
  2. Might my father buy me a bike?
  3. Might her friend give her a balance card?

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