May Model Verb

May is a model verb to talk about in English grammar most commonly used to express possibility and wish.

We also use the may model verb to give request, permission, and prohibition.

Level: beginner


Subject+May+Verb 1st Form+object

We use May:


  1. They may be at home.
  2. I may study grammar books.
  3. It may rain tomorrow.


  1. May I help you?
  2. May I speak in English?
  3. You may stand at the front of the school assembly.


  1. I may come to your birthday party.
  2. You may give me a gift in my engagement.
  3. May the force be with you.


  1. We may enter through this door.
  2. The students may eat in the school cafeteria.
  3. I may feed the birds these seeds every day.


  1. You may not smoke in the room.
  2. He may not fast bike.
  3. You may not allow wrong way.

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