Will Model Verb

The model verb “Will” talks about predicting the future. It can also form the future, request, offer/willingness, refusal/negative, conditional, and order.

Level: beginner


Subject+Will+Verb 1st Form+Object

We use Will:


  1. I will see you at the English language center.
  2. You will meet me tomorrow.
  3. They will torture me next month.


  1. Will you buy me a laptop bag, please?
  2. Will he help me with my assignments?
  3. Will you close the classroom door, please?


  1. He will help you.
  2. We will pay your balance card.
  3. I will give you a lift.


  1. He will not return our calls.
  2. You will not help me.
  3. You will not do our work.


  1. If she asks me. I will help her.
  2. If you say that again, I will be very angry.
  3. If I told you, you will live tomorrow.


  1. You will order dessert.
  2. He will stop making such a noise.
  3. They will be there early.

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