Have State Verb

The “Have” is a state verb that expresses a state, condition, or state quality. They refer to the way things are appearance, state of being, etc.

Level: beginner



We use Have:

Like: I, You, We, They & Plural.


  1. I have two brothers and two sisters.
  2. They have all of my relatives.
  3. We have many friends.


  1. You have a talkative nature.
  2. They have a good nature.
  3. We have intelligent students.


  1. I have a bungalow with a zoo.
  2. You have a cow for milk.
  3. We have a van for schoolchildren.


  1. You have a cough today.
  2. I have a headache.
  3. They have flu today in the class.

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