Can Model Verb

Can” is a model verb in English. We can use it to express the ability to do something in the present or future.

Level: beginner


Subject+Can+Verb 1st Form+Object

How To Use The Model Verb Can?

We often use can to talk about the ability, possibility, permission, request, offer, and can not.

Ability: (Present)

  1. Amjad can speak English very well.
  2. I can speak several languages.
  3. Aslam and Akran can swim in the pool.

Possibility: (Present)

  1. You can play a role model.
  2. He can play the guitar.
  3. I can play the piano.

Permission: (Information)

  1. Johan can ask a question.
  2. I can buy our school uniform.
  3. You can go to the picnic on Sunday.

Request: (Information)

  1. Can I go to the market with my friends?
  2. Can you live today and request your boss?
  3. Can I take a rest?

Offer: (Help)

  1. Can you help poor people?
  2. Can he help her with university assignments?
  3. We can help with your university fees.

Can Not: (Not Allowed)

  1. You can not ride the bike fast.
  2. I can not buy an expensive mobile cover.
  3. He can not take a heavy stone.

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